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Employee Virtual Town Halls - Shared screen with speaker view
John Gannon, Captain
John Gannon, Captain jpgannon@lasd.org
John Gannon, Captain
My cell no. (323) 395-8277
Ruben Villanueva
Will LACSD pursue a contract extension/renewal with the district to continue serving our campuses?
John Gannon, Captain
call 911 (if emergency) or DMH Help Line (800) 854-7771 if not a threat to public safety or a crime. Thanks!
Olga Lara
the security assessment is no longer available
Kristine Wright
The survey is flawed. Can take multiple times and no way to know who is...also leading questions...not good social science survey.
John Gannon, Captain
There has been discussion about potentially extending contract through the end of the year but we are still negotiating those terms. I certainly hope to be with you all through end of the year and beyond!
Dr. Kristi Blackburn
Thank you, Capt. Gannon
Ruben Villanueva
Thanks Captain Gannon and Deputy Rouzan!
Rockell Stiles
what is the link for that
Dr. Seher Awan (she, her, hers)
Link to Dean Awards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pzlackvm8U
John Gannon, Captain
Please know we are really focusing right now on training everyone to ensure we are well-prepared for your safe return to campus this fall. THANK YOU Dr. Awan, for allowing me to present today. THANK YOU, Deputy Rouzan, for connecting our team with the campus community and for ensuring Southwest College safety and security is always our #1 priority! Warmly, Capt. John Gannon